Text troll your friends with tiger facts!

Select which facts to send, spy on conversations in real-time and have a blast at your loved ones' expense — all without leaving your corona-bed-hovel

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Tiger Facts is the only tool you'll ever need to alienate the loved ones in your life
  • Be Anonymous
    Prank your friends without their knowing
  • Set Frequency
    Decide when and how often to send
  • Choose Facts
    Decide which "facts" your friends will enjoy
  • Auto-Send
    Once scheduled, you don't lift a paw
  • View Replies
    View and share your friends' replies (You're welcome.)
  • Send More
    Purchase additional credits in-app - We'll help you prank 'em all!


Tiger Facts is a fully-responsive web app. Check in on your conversations from your phone or desktop.


All plans come with unlimited targets, meaning you can troll as many friends as you want.



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Will my friends be mad at me?

That depends. Are your friends whiny little babies?

I'm mad. Can I opt-out?

You sure can. Just click here. Then go pet a tiger.

Can I suggest new tiger facts?

Sure. Can we suggest that you ask fewer questions? (Kidding. We love suggestions. Just use the form below.)

What happens if a friend opts out?

Any scheduled messages not yet delivered will be credited back to your account. Then, we assume, you will find better friends.

Are you affiliated with Netflix?

That depends. Does spending most of our free time on the couch count? If so, definitely. (The attorneys told us we have to say "no," for those of you who don't understand sarcasm.)

All my friends hate me now, can you help me find more?

Sure. DM for pricing.

Still have questions? Email us using the form below or hit us up on Twitter.

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